Month: February 2017

Truth Matters When It Comes To Planned Parenthood


This may be the generation that ends abortion. Partly because people are waking up to the reality of it, partly because of the efforts of the church, partly because God in His providence has placed an apparently pro-life President in office, and partly because of creative investigative videos that have come out.

Facts really matter in this debate.

This is especially true as more and more Christians become sympathetic to organizations like Planned Parenthood. While they fundamentally stand against abortion, they support such organizations because of the good they do for women who otherwise have no option.

But is that true?  Either of those things? Is Planned Parenthood the only option and do they do good for women?

Here are just two data points.

The truth of that was analyzed here by the Washington Post.

Here’s data point number two: Planned Parenthood and prenatal care to help women plan for parenthood:


BTW, following this video, some of the Planned Parenthood websites removed “prenatal care” from their websites. At least the truth is now being told.

Full analysis here: