Month: October 2016

The Reordering of Our Loves

Long ago, Augustine made this insightful analysis of how our lives work. Namely, that right living always comes from right loving; and that where unholy and unjust actions exists, there exists a heart needing to reorder its “loves.” This ultimately is the gospel that saves: the message that seeks to enthrone Jesus alone as supreme in our loves.

The eminent question in life is not “what will we do,” but “what shall we love?”

“But living a just and holy life requires one to be capable of an objective and impartial evaluation of things: to love things, that is to say, in the right order, so that you do not love what is not to be loved, or fail to love what is to be loved, or have a greater love for what should be loved less, or an equal love for things that should be loved less or more, or a lesser or greater love for things that should be loved equally.” (Augustine, On Christian Doctrine)