Considerations On Earth Day

In light of Earth Day, and in light of all the talks of climate change, I thought I’d shared two videos. One is by a professor that taught at MIT for 30 years in atmospheric physics and published 200+ papers (i.e. brilliant) and the other, co-founder of Greenpeace speaking before congress (i.e. you better be clear and know what you’re saying, even if no one agrees with you). Both are labeled as climate change deniers.




Of course there’s a lot of debate in this, or I think there should be. Some have said the debate is done, but I’m no so convinced. I’m not convinced because of logic like this (and mind you, this is from one site only that does support the view of climate change).

First – show the sharp, exponential growth in CO2 levels:


Then show a historical trend


Lastly, make an extrapolation that goes like this:

  • Make the assumption that that top graph must coincide with the bottom graph
  • Don’t talk about any other possible factors that come into play
  • Don’t give some analysis on what that graph might look like if it spanned say 500 years.

That last point is important. Before we declare that the world is going to end and that climate change is the most important issue facing our day (as many do), it would be important to see a bigger time span. After all, the earth has been around for far more than 120 years, and it may be that given temperature ranges across a thousand year span, the 0.7 degree celsius change may be very normal. Or it may not be. But to speak of climate change as it is spoken today seems absolutely premature. There are so many issues here that should be considered, one of which, are why do credible scientists (like the ones above) disagree with the conclusion of a catastrophic global warming?

On this Earth Day, I’m not here to deny that we could be experiencing “global warming,” but I am here to deny that the topic has left the realm of “could be” and landed in the realm of “is”.

One thing to remember as a Christian: plenty of scientist will take scientific data and conclude God does not exist. In some places (perhaps some universities), that “plenty” might be all. And yet that all is wrong.

When it comes to the “theory” of life-ending climate change, healthy skepticism & asking lots of questions seems the right path.  If we don’t do more of that, it may be that we’ll be seeing more of this:

Bill Nye “the science guy” says in a video interview released Thursday that he is open to the idea of jailing those who deviate from the climate change consensus. – Washington Times

Happy Earth Day!!

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