Lots of people are talking about this tweet from NARAL Pro-Choice America:



#NotBuyingIt – that @Doritos ad using #antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses & sexist tropes of dads as clueless & moms as uptight. #SB50
I few thoughts to this small tweet:
1. If you want to politicize, you’ll find anything and everything to politicize. Seriously doubt Doritos is on the forefront of the pro-life movement.
2. If your basic argument goes against the obvious, then when you speak your argument, it just seems absurd. Classifying a baby in the womb reacting to external stimuli as a “tactic of humanizing fetuse”‘ … well… i don’t even have words to describe it. Silly? Dumb? Desperate? La-la land? What expecting couple doesn’t speak or sing to the baby in the womb? What couple doesn’t get excited when the baby responds? “Tactic” implies a well-thought out plan is needed to prove some point or accomplish some great thing. Baby in the womb responding – that’s not tactic, that’s observation at the most basic level.
3. Antichoice? For arguments sake, let’s say the commercial really was celebrating life in the womb. In what way is that antichoice? The commercial made no statement for nor against choice. But it seems to me that point is lost in the zeal to push an agenda.
4. Christians ought to be clear whether the “fetus” is a full fledged human life or not. Christians ought to speak it. I believe the bible is emphatically clear on the issue. If we don’t, this type of logic will continually govern and shape our culture.
In label, this tweet might be termed “progressive”, but nothing in it shows progress.

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