Words Matter

“For some time I have been saying that Muslim immigration into the United States should be stopped until we can properly vet them or until the war with Islam is over,” wrote Franklin Graham

I was unaware that the crusades have been resurrected and that we are at war with Islam. I thought we were at war with terrorist groups like Al-Aaeda and ISIS. And yes, they are Islamic. And then again, so is my neighbor two houses down. “War with Islam” might mean every time I see my Muslim neighbor I take cover or pull out a defense weapon, or better yet, I go on the attack. For now though, I think when I see my neighbor I’ll simply wave. If they’re out, I’ll simply ask them how their week has been and how their children are. If on a given day I’m feeling really brave and really in tune with the Jesus I confess to follow, I might actually make a plate of cookies (likely have Julee do it so it will taste right) and take it over to them. Likely I’ll have one of the kids come with me. It may be that their kids will feel welcomed to come out and ride bikes and scooters on the street when my kids and I are out doing the same.

If Franklin Graham did not intend to convey that we are at war with all 2.something million followers of Islam in America then he should correct his statement. If on the other hand that’s what he meant to say, I’m perplexed and a bit ashamed that such a high profile leader in the Christian community would speak with such little nuance and find it difficult to reconcile his words with the bible that both he and I preach from.

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