Month: March 2015

Respect Is Earned With Sacrifice

(image from the NY Times article linked below)

“We were granted visas,” he said, “by the very people who would tell us publicly, ‘your churches are going to disappear in 20 years,’ but privately, ‘you are the only ones we know willing to serve in the midst of the fire.’ ” – Angolan regime to evangelical missionary doctor

Nicolas Kristof of the NY Times (who is all the rage right now, so my well informed wife tells me) met Dr. Foster and had this to say in his latest blog post, A Little Respect For Dr. Foster:

“Yet the liberal caricature of evangelicals is incomplete and unfair. I have little in common, politically or theologically, with evangelicals or, while I’m at it, conservative Roman Catholics. But I’ve been truly awed by those I’ve seen in so many remote places, combating illiteracy and warlords, famine and disease, humbly struggling to do the Lord’s work as they see it, and it is offensive to see good people derided.”

What lunatic goes on when polio & cerebral malaria runs through his family? Who, when facing starvation, shares their portions with 100 other families? Oh, I guess the one that believes nothing plus Jesus equates to the greatest wealth in the world. Living out this ideology is the greatest advertisement for Jesus.

Life is short. Find your God given passion, take the risk, and allow it to say something about the worth of Christ. Jesus is rarely seen in the shadows of safe, middle-class Christianity, where meme’s and words about what “we’re against” speak louder than sacrifice and action about what we believe.

(and yes, I’m saying this as a reminder to myself even as I prep to preach on the issue of homosexuality tomorrow)