Mars and End Times

“The first launch of human beings won’t happen until 2024. That means we’re in chapter one of a very long story. No one knows how this story will end. The mission might be scrapped due to technical feasibility issues. The funding might not come together. They might have a hard time finding the right candidates. There are millions of things that have to happen for this to be a success, and there are plenty of things that can and will go wrong along the way. But Mars is humanity’s inevitable destination, and Mars One has accepted the challenge to take that next great leap. Now it’s up to us to live up to the adventure.” – Sonia Van Meter, 1 of 100 finalists for a one way ticket to Mars.

Go to Mars, stay on Mars, die on Mars. Say bye to husband, family, friends. She’s ready for it. Interesting article about this ladies desire to be the volunteer for the Mars One Project.

So reading this article (“Why I’m Volunteering To Die On Mars“) got me wondering about Sonia’s comment – “Mars is humanity’s inevitable destination.” Here’s how my wondering went:

A) Will we ever put people on Mars? We seem to have a hard enough time getting people back to the moon, but it’s feasible I guess.

B) How many people will eventually end up on Mars? Last summer in Alaska, I met so many people that had left the lower 48 and came to Alaska for a new start. What would the numbers be like if  you can get a new start on a new planet?

C) How will this new frontier be governed? History (and perhaps a bit of historical revision) always seems to look back on new-frontier-settlements with a bit of regret for the sins committed during the settlement. Will this be any different? New place, new opportunities, new planet, but same human nature of sin.

And all of that led to this question (abstract for a Saturday morning) – If we get to the point that there will be humans on Mars, how does that shape, or reshape, our interpretation of the end time events in the New Testament? What does Daniel and Matthew 24 and Revelation look like when there’s a colony on Mars?

OK, one final thought in this strange post: Humans can do some pretty amazing things. God affirmed this at the tower of babel. God also stopped the tower of babel. So if humans on Mars is missing from the eschatalogical world of the bible, maybe, maybe, that’s because God has no intention for it and He prevents it from happening.

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