A Journey In and Out of Calvinism

So I’m starting a new book along the others I’ve been slowly working through. This one is short but intriguing by title and intent:

Young, Restless, No Longer Reformed: Black Holes, Love, and a Journey In and Out of Calvinism 

By Austin Fischer

The author is a young pastor that jumped on the bandwagon before college (if it’s a bandwagon) and now has come to the conclusion that what he learned from the likes of Piper, Mohler, Carson, Keller, and The Gospel Coalition were wrong. He’s come to the conclusion that the centrality of God’s glory is in fact His love and a view like that is incompatible with Calvinism. This is more written as a story of his own theological discover than a theological magnum opus, and because of that, I think it will be a good honest look at his pastoral wrestlings. I ran across this book based on a high recommendation from a Calvary Chapel pastor and from a post by Roger Olsen (strong Arminian theologian).

The chapters break down this way:

1: A Blind Date with Calvinism

2: Roots of Certainty, Seeds of Doubt

3: One Hell of a Problem (The Girl in the Red Jacket)

4: God Made Impossible

5: The Crucified God

6: The Glory of God (Is) the Glory of Love

7: Free Will, Kenosis, and a Peculiar Kind of Sovereignty

8: Monsters in the Basement

9: Walking With a Limp

10: Young, Restless, and . . .

11: Taming the Tiger (A.K.A. Romans 9)

Epilogue Endnotes


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