False Assumptions On Love

Is this a fair analysis of how our culture, even the general Christian culture, thinks about love?

Assumption one is that no boundaries can be placed on love. Rather, love establishes all the boundaries.

Assumption two is that love is disassociated in our minds from institutional structures and institutional acts of judgment. At best, the idea of an institution is a cold, impersonal, and bureaucratic idea. Structures have inflexible scaffolding and hard edges. Love, we all know, is flexible, yielding, and personal. At worst, institutions are all about power, not love. And institutional acts of judgment—even if in the rarest of circumstances they are necessary—always indicate a failure of love or a failure to love.

Assumption three is that love and church don’t go together, particularly a church with sharp boundaries and authoritative pronouncements.

Last assumption the Western mind makes about love: love and authority have nothing to do with one another. Authority restrains. Love frees. Authority exploits. Love empowers. Authority steals life. Love saves life.

Is this why in the last two centuries Christians have pushed for a “de-institutionalized” church?

hmm …

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