So many thoughts

I follow a blog that is meant for church planters. I like most of what I read on this blog and agree with most, but I often come from a different angle or slightly different route. That’s ok. I still like it. It’s a blog for church planters out of the Calvary movement, which I do love and owe much too.

That said, from time to time, a post will come up on the blog that I don’t like, and from rare time to time, a post will come up that I really don’t like. What is great for me, and forces me to be thoughtful in my faith and humble in my attitude, is to seriously consider what is said and ask “Why do I agree or not agree with the statements being made here.”

Today I read this post and a million thoughts come to my mind. No time now to work through them, but next week …


  1. Only skimmed it so far, but sounds like a straw-man argument. It doesn’t really accurately portray the tenants of Calvinism. Going to read more later…

  2. There is a whole lot there for discussion. But two things stand out boldy:

    1. He is very man-centered. His first few paragraphs paint a “what-about-us” mentality which misses the whole point that we are all due hell (Rom 3:23). His statements make a general claim that if we do the right things, we will be saved. The Calvinist (or anyone recognizing God’s sovereignty) would declare that it is a blessing to be chosen by God by grace alone, the grace that is spoken of all throughout scripture.

    2. His own presuppositions (that he discourages his readers to have; oxymoron maybe?) have formed a “bottom line” which completely misses the mark. He says we can’t effect the world (my paraphrase), yet scripture clearly demonstrates God using people for His work and His glory.

    This is a shame to me that someone could attempt to paint a picture which cares for all points of view yet makes claims that his point of view is absolute.

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