Lead & Inspire By Transparency (as a church)

Having served as an elder for a handful of years now, my observation is that church transparency is not an easy topic. How much drama and hurt does open transparency stir up and how much distrust and questions does non transparency foster? In my opinion, there is no one-size-fit-all solution.

Recently I ran across this post by Reality LA:


It reminds me a lot of John Piper’s annual report about his ministry:


and the annual report from his church:


For me, these reports convey intention and purpose and direction and inspires in my heart a desire towards cooperation with what the Lord is doing. I am sure some will scrutinize it for their own purpose, but in the end, I think those people will ultimately find something to scrutinize anyways.

So in the end, I think more transparency is better than less transparency. There is wisdom to be sought on how much transparency a church should have, but I lean on more than less with the hopes that it will lead and inspire God’s people.

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